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Thank you for visiting the Year 1 Blog. Come to this space to see all the wonderful things we are learning. This term, the blog will be showcasing all the exciting things we are learning in maths. There will posts which display our weekly learning objectives, photos of student work and links to any useful websites/videos that can help students build upon their learning at home.

Students can post questions or positive comments on anything they see.

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Miss Stockdale


Maths in Term 3, Week 2, 2016

Welcome back to Term 3! The Year 1 teacher’s hope you all had an enjoyable break!

This week in maths we are learning about division and 2D and 3D shapes. Please click on the images below to enlarge the learning objectives for the week.

LO T3 W2 1

LO T3 W2 2

LO T3 W2 3

LO T3 W2 4


Click on the video to learn more about division:



Click to play the 2D and 3D sorting game

Click to play more shape games


Week 10, 13 June-20 June 2016

Last week in maths, 1S learnt all about subtraction. They used several strategies to help them such as using pictures and unfix cubes. In this video, students solved subtraction problems using a tens frame and counters. Please watch them working hard and using exceptional effort to take their maths learning further.


This week in maths, we are learning to use a number line to help us solve subtraction problems. Here is a sneak peak of what we will be doing.

Students will also be making a video to showcase their knowledge of subtraction using the iPad app ‘Explain Everything’ (stay tuned to this space as I will be uploading their videos!)

We will also continue our learning about collecting and representing data in a graph. Please click on the learning objectives to enlarge them.

LO 1 LO2




Click here for some subtraction games you can play at home

Subtraction- Interactive sites for education

Subtraction balloon pop


Picture Graphs

1S worked as a table group to discuss each others favourite type of dog. They put this information into a picture graph and talked about the ‘effort’ their group used to be successful. They all did a wonderful job of sorting and displaying their data.

graph1 graph2 graph3 graph4 graph5

Tunda thought of his own question and surveyed the class. He recorded the data in a tally and a picture graph. Well done Tunda!

tunda graph

Saffy and Phuong decided to extend their learning and create their own graph in reward time. They asked students in 1S what their favourite colour is and put this information into a graph. Well done girls for using exceptional effort!

phuong and saffy